Anshun in Brief

Anshun is a city in Guizhou Province, southwestern China, with an area of 14,900 square km. and a population of 3.54 million. Anshun city, as the central city along the west tourist route, along the Guiyang-Kunming Railway, 95 km from Guiyang, is nicknamed ‘ The Belly of Qian (Guizhou province) and the throat of Dian (Yunnan province). Most of Anshun City is hilly with karst topography. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 14℃, 270 frost-free days, and annual average rainfall of 1,356 millimeters.

This area was the state of Yelang Kingdom early in the Warring States Period (403—221BC) and became Anshun Prefecture in the Ming Dynasty. In 1958, a municipality government was set up there.

Anshun is an old established trading center going back to the 13th century and linking north and south China with areas even as remote as Burma, via Kunming. Anshun is rich in tea. Its traditional craft of was printing has a history of more than 2,000 years.

Its industrial base today had greatly expanded due to rich coal reserves that have provided an excellent energy source. Heavy machinery, aeroplanes, food proceedings, distilling and the leather industry are particularly important. Among them, aeroplane manufacture was a direct result of Mao Zedong’s decentralization of industry policy. Rail and road transportation facilities in Anshun are quite satisfactory. The Chuanqian and Guikun railway lines pass here. An important industrial defense complex is located in the Anshun area. Meanwhile, Anshun is praised for its excellent cuisine.

The city is rather small, but the considerable waterfalls and caves in the surrounding area make this city a popular stop in most trips to Guizhou. 50km around Anshun are the several famous scenic spots of Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon Palace, Zhijing Cave, the Hundred-Li Azalea Belt , Maling River, etc. It also has many historical relics, such as the Wen Temple, and the Xifeng Hot Spring. The distinctive locally-made products include An liquor, Tianma (gastrodia elata ) liquor, wax printing, and wax pictures.


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