Chengde in Brief

Chende is situated in northeast Hebei Province and covers an area of 4,471 square kilometers with a population of 88.5 million. It used to be the second political and cultural center of the Qing Dynasty. It is 163 km to Beijing, and 210 km to Tianjin.

Chengde is a place of ancient architecture and pleasant grounds. Lying to the north of the Great Wall of China, it is ideal as a weekend trip from Chengde in the hot summer months. In recent years Chengde has promoted many recreational projects, such as "Touring the Summer Resort at Night,""Qing Palace Banquet with Music and Dances, ""Light of Putuo,""Circling the Mountains of the Summer Resort," forest and grassland ecological tour, winter skiing tour, etc. The Chengde Tourist Festival, Forest and Grassland Holiday Festival and other activities are held in Chengde every year.


Mineral deposits of Chengde include coal, iron, copper, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, fluorite, and Iceland spar. The output of Iceland spar ranks the highest in China. Industries are machinery, electronics, meters, food processing, pharmaceuticals, tourism products, metal making, and construction materials. The chief farm products include corn, sorghum, millet, sesame, peanuts, and fruit. The special locally-made products are silk products, glass ware, and tinned food.


Chengde is an 18th century (Qing Dyansty) imperial resort area. The Eight Outer Temples and the Imperial Summer Villa are the largest imperial temple group in China. Puning Temple, Putuo Zhongsheng Temple, Temple for Distant Security and Temple of Universal Happiness are all ideal tourist attractions in Chengde.


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