Qufu in Brief

Qufu is located in the south of Shandong province. It is 135 kilometers away from its provincial capital – Jinan. To the north and east of Qufu are Mount Tai and Mount Yimeng, while to the south and west are Nafu and the Great Plain of Pingye. It covers an area of 896 sq km, and it has a population of 630,000. Qufu was the capital of the State of Lu during the 11th century B.C. and also the home of Confucius, the founder of the Confucius, the founder of the Confucian School. Confucius, a great and famous Philosopher, thinker and educator (551 - 479 B.C.), used to lecture and write books here during the late Spring and Autumn Period. It is listed in the first group of 24 national famous cities of historical and cultural relics designated by the State Council.  
 Confucian Temple, Qufu Travel, Qufu Guide    Confucian Mansion, Qufu Travel, Qufu Guide
Qufu is well - known for its Confucian Temple, Confucian Grove and Confucian Mansion. Confucian Temple, erected in 478 B.C., is a memorial hall used for the worship of Confucius. It was initially a temple of small size, built on the former residence of Confucius. Beginning in the West Han Dynasty, with the increasing titles conferred on Confucius by subsequent emperors, the temple was continually expanded into its present vast magnitude. Confucian Grove, covering an area of about 200 hectares, is the graveyard of Confucius and his family. Confucian Mansion is actually not the former residence of Confucius. It has been occupied by Confucius' descendants. The building now we have before us was completed during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Confucian Temple, the Confucian Mansion and the Confucian Cemetery were ranked as one of the world cultural heritages.

Qufu is also the hometown of Shen Nong(God of agriculture).Huang Di, Shao Hao and Mencius, and has been the site for ancient states and capitals like the Shang dynasty, the Yin state, the Lu state, etc. In the city, there are now more than 300 historic relics under protection. 

Qufu enjoys a convenient transportation. There is a network of railways and highway in it. Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Beijing-Fujian Expressway run north and south of Qufu and Xinxiang-Shijiusuo Railway and Rizhao-Dongming Expressway penetrate Qufu east and west. And it is also the intersection of No.104 National Road and No.327 National Road.


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