Three Gorges in Brief

The Three Gorges is a grand canyon of the Yangtze River and the most spectacular part of Yangtze River, which spans as long as 191 km (120 miles). The members of Three Gorges are, from the west to east, Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, among which there are many naturally miracle scenic spots hiding, such as Daning River and Shennong Stream, , and also many arduous places like the Kongling Gorge, a part of Xiling Gorge.

For years past, natural landscapes and cultural relics have great appeal for people who are keen on returning to nature, who are longing for the spectacular mountains and rivers and who are aspire to explore the ancient culture.
Shennong Stream, Three GorgesTravel, Three Gorges Guide  Qu Yuan's Memorial Temple, Three GorgesTravel, Three Gorges Guide
Apart from the picturesque views, Three Gorges is home to the ancient China culture--Daxi Culture, which witnessed hundreds of heroes putting on their unyielding heroic shows and hundreds of poems and writers leaving their masterpieces. Quyuan Temple in Zigui City and Zhangfei Temple are built for, respectively, the memory of Quyuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient China, and Zhangfei, the famous general during the Three Kingdoms Period (181-234).
Zhangfei Temple, Three GorgesTravel, Three Gorges Guide  Three Gorges Dam, Three GorgesTravel, Three Gorges Guide
Besides, there are two marvelous huge man-made “monsters”, Gezhou Dam and the Three Gorges Dam, waiting for your expedition. Gezhou Dam is the first large hydropower station on Yangtze River, while the Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower station in the world with a height of 185m and the width of 2309m, which took 3080 days to accomplish.

Land of such colorful culture, picturesque sceneries and gorgeous man-made projects will, absolutely, be the start of your China expedition tour.

Three Gorges

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