Li River
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One-day Essential Li River Circle Hike

Guilin, Yangshuo

 "East or west, Guilin landscape is best." Guilin's charm comes from Li River's beauty. The Li River's Beauty is best illustrated by its section between Xianggong Hill and Laocuntou Village, which is exactly the part we hike.

  • Tour Code:
  • HGP13
  • Length:
  • Cities Visited/Stayed:
  • Guilin, Yangshuo
  • Highlight Attractions:
  • Li River
  • Experience & Features:
  • Hiking from Xianggong Hill to Laocuntou Village
  • Physical Rating : 2
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  • Cultural Shock Rating : 1
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Pricing & Accommodation
Q & A
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Highlights & Features:

>  Stunning karst landscape (mountains & rivers) scenery
>  Off the beaten track mountain paths
>  Bird-eye view of grand bend of the Li River
>  Ancient streets & old residential houses in Xingping Town
>  Shooting location of the picture on the 20-yuan RMB note
>  Water buffaloes, goats, cows, ducks and other animals & birds
>  Fishermen and their working bird of cormorants
>  Representative sites of Guilin Landscape
>  Ideal places for landscape photography

Hiking Details:

Your guide and your driver with the car/van will meet you in your hotel at 8:30 am, a 1 and half hour drive will take you to Xianggongshan Hill about 60 km south of Guilin city. 

Firstly, climb by the steps to the top of the hill, where a stunning panoramic view of the Li River and the karst mountains around can be enjoyed. 

After coming down from the hill, take an ancient path downhill, going through Dazhouling Village and its surrounding fields and orchards of kumquat and pomelo, until you arrive at a countryside inn where you are suggested to have your lunch and have a rest. 

After lunch, a leisure and easy walk through a forest of subtropical trees and bamboos will lead you to a ferry, from where a local ferry boat take you to the other side of the river. Stroll on the ancient street before walking to the point where they took a picture and had it printed on the 20-yuan bill of Chinese RMB. 

Keep walking along the Li river while enjoying the gorgeous landscape scenery for about 3 kilometers until there comes another ferry. Take the ferry boat to cross the river and we enter another village named Lengshui. Look behind, a mountain cliff with a natural mural of nine horses appears. This is another famous scenic spot along the Li River. Walk from the Lengshui Village all the way along the Li River to Laocuntou, where your driver with his car/van await. An an-hour and 45-minute drive will take back to your hotel in the city or Yangshuo Town.

Important Notice & Useful Information:

1. At the beginning of this hiking tour, we climb a hill from which top, a sweeping view of the Li River and the karst mountains around can be enjoyed. For the second part, there are more mountain paths mostly downhill await. So, comfortable shoes or boots, long pants with elastic bottoms are suggested. For the rest parts, there are more flat paths and easy roads.
2. A day pack with sun-glasses, sunscreen, caps/hats and other necessary stuff are suggested for summer season.
3. Unlimited bottled drinking waters are stored in our car or van, during hiking you need the day pack to carry them.
4. Bring an umbrella in a cloudy day and the raining season.
5. Always bring your phone and/or camera.
6. We will bring trekking poles in our car or van, and please tell your guide if you need one.
7. Please note that, for some parts of this hiking tour, public toilets are not easily available. We may use the very basic local outhouses in the village or just bush to meet our toilet needs. Please always carry toilet paper by yourself.
8. In case of very poor weather, for the sake of our safety, Hike Guilin may make a postponement or cancellation decision right before the hiking departure time. In the circumstance of cancellation or postponement (but you are not able to do it in the postponed time), we will refund the money.
9. Travel insurance is optional and is the sole responsibility of travelers. It is encouraged to have coverage of injury or accident.
10. As responsible travelers, we “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprint”.

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* Price is in US dollar. It may vary a little bit according to US dollar exchange rate fluctuation, car fuel price change and government tax adjustment, etc.

* Group Size in the box above only counts adult participants (those who are 12 years old or above).
* For group size over 10, please kindly send us an email for a better rate request.

* Children at the age of 5≤x﹤12, enjoy 50% discount. Children under 5 are free. Children above 12 are charged as adults. Please send us children’s details in email.

* Please note that when comparing price, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. We don't earn money by taking you to commission shopping stops, a common practice when travel with a tour group in China, wasting your time. Our guides are carefully selected, highly trained and well-paid to be friendly and patient travel companions. WE ARE NOT THE CHEAPEST, BUT WE ARE ONE OF THE BEST.

Service Included:
A. Personal English-speaking Guide for the entire tour
B. Experienced Driver + comfortable Private car/van/bus for the driving part (from your hotel to the starting & end point of the hiking and back to your hotel)

C. Entrance fee to the Xianggongshan Hill

D. Ferry fee to cross the River

E. Service Charge & Government Taxes

Service Excluded:

A. Meals (our guide would recommend a restaurant for simple lunch during or after this hike, and all people there may go Dutch on the food expense. Your will also be informed to bring some snacks for non-meal-time use the day before)

B. Gratuities, Tips to local people, the guide and driver

(Although not compulsory, if you think your guide and driver have done a good job at the end of the tour, we suggest you tip them at you own decision to show your appreciations.)
C. Other Personal Expenses.

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