Eating in China

When traveling in China, tasting authentic Chinese food and experiencing Chinese dietary culture will make your journey more fantastic and unforgettable. So it is useful for every visitor to learn some useful information of eating in China before hand.

Breakfast: Breakfasts are included in most of our tour packages serving in the hotels, most of which are Chinese and western buffet breakfast in most of the tour destinations. In off seasons, some hotels just serve breakfast with set menu. Few hotels or hostels located in remote villages or counties only provide some traditional Chinese breakfast, such as congees and noodles. In this case, you can prepare your breakfast in advance or buy a carton of milk and some bread in grocers.

Lunch: The lunches included in tour packages are served with set menu in local restaurants or hotels which are approved by health departments with food hygiene qualifications and high-quality service. If you have any special requirements for your lunch, please tell your travel consultants who will strive to fulfill your requirements as much as possible.

Dinner: Most of our tour packages don’t include dinner. Our guides will introduce famous restaurants according to your requirements to you. The cost is not included and you should pay by yourselves after dinners.

Attentions: Chinese food here in China would be quite different from that in your places. Besides, there are different cuisines in different cities or places. If you don’t need any meals or some meals during your journey and want to eat at Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC or other local restaurants or other western restaurants, please tell us your special requirements beforehand. We will tell our guides to give you some recommendations about the locations of the restaurants and how to get there, etc.

Other Tips of Eating in China
*Don’t drink tap water running from faucets. In china, the running water is not having undergone disinfected.

*The prices in different restaurants of different places vary greatly. It will cost you only 3 to 5 Yuan or even more than one thousand Yuan per meal. 

*Not every tourism destinations in China has western restaurants. Please remember to bring some bread or milk with you if you plan to visit remote cities or villages.

*Avoid overeating during your travel and remember to take some gastrointestinal pills with you.

In general, if you visit China, make sure to bring an ample appetite, a strong stomach and an open mind.


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