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Mysterious Tibet Adventure, from US$1211

Beijing, Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Tingri, Shanghai

Tibet, a rich, beautiful and mysterious land, is known as "The Roof of the World". This tour brings you to experience spectacular and fascinating snow-capped peaks, glaciers, high mountains, wide rivers, unique highland lakes, geothermal springs, vast pastoral areas, magnificent monasteries, brilliant religious arts and interesting ethnic customs. Our tour begins in Beijing. You can witness and climb the magnificent ancient construction of the Great Wall and to get a brief impression of this large capital. Then we unfold our discovery to Tibet. With a long history, Tibet has magnificent and wonderful natural scenery as well as simple and unsophisticated Tibetan Monastery for us to explore. Our tour ends in the largest city of China-Shanghai, which will amaze you by its modern atmosphere and traditional culture and art. Welcome to start your mysterious Tibet adventure with us.

  • Tour Code:
  • CET-AV02
  • Length:
  • Cities Visited/Stayed:
  • Beijing, Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Tingri, Shanghai
  • Highlight Attractions:
  • Great Wall, Forbidden City, Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Yu Yuan Garden, The Bund
  • Experience & Features:
  • Hutong tour, Tibetan Family Visit, Barkhor Street Bazaar, Gyangtse Old Street, Minor Expedition to the Everest Base Camp, Old Part of Shanghai
  • Physical Rating : 3
    (What Is It?)
    • Every CET tour is given a Physical Rating, which indicates how much physical activity is required to participate in it.
    • Rating of 1 ( ) : Always very easy to go! Sometimes getting around on your own, up and down steps and carrying your own small backpack.
    • Rating of 2 ( ) : Light walking or hiking that is suitable for most fitness levels.
    • Rating of 3 ( ) : May include moderate hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking and other activities that require only an average/moderate level of fitness to enjoy.
    • Rating of 4 ( ) : May include high altitude hiking of up to 4-6 hours per day some days of the tour or other activities that require a moderately high level of fitness.
    • Rating of 5 ( ) : High altitude trekking suitable only for those with a higher level of fitness and endurance.
  • Cultural Shock Rating : 2
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    • Rating of 3 ( ) : Expect an occasional cold shower and remote or even multi-share accommodation, and public transportation or train ride without shower on board…Remember though, this is all part of your CET authentic travel experience!
    • Rating of 4 ( ) : Expect to rough it here and there. This may mean a packed public bus, very remote and rustic accommodation, and no access to western-style food.
    • Rating of 5 ( ) : You are totally off the beaten track with none of the comforts of home, and are exposed to a totally foreign culture to what you are accustomed ... Sounds fantastic, doesn't it!
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Pricing & Accommodation
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Day 1: Beijing

When you arrival in Beijing, you will be met by our guide at the airport and be transferred to the hotel.  

Stay overnight in Beijing.


Day 2: Beijing

The Great Wall of China, the most significant structure in the world, is the symbol of Chinese nation. There is a famous saying goes "You are not a hero unless you climb on the Great Wall." This morning let’s drive to the [Jinshanling Great Wall], the less developed and commercial section of the Great Wall. This historic construction is a little dangerous to climb because it winds up and down the precipitous ranges. However, you will enjoy the feast of eyes of the splendid views. After the visit, we drive back to the hotel and have a rest in the afternoon. Travelers to Peking shouldn't miss trying the Peking Roasted Duck because it can make your trip to Beijing more memorable. Peking duck is always served in well-cut slices. The whole duck must be sliced into 120 pieces and every piece has to be perfect with the complete layers of the meat. The most famous Restaurant to find the Peking Duck is Quanjude Restaurant. You can go there to have a tasty Peking Duck dinner.  

Stay overnight in Beijing. 

Meals: (B, L)

Day 3: Beijing

[Temple of Heaven] is a complex of buildings, gardens, and pathways; its organization indicates relationship between Earth and heaven. And we will pay a visit there after breakfast. And then we will move to [Tian'anmen Square]--one of the largest city squares in the world. In the center of the square stands the Monument to the People’s Heroes. It was built in 1958. On the front side of the monument is an inscription in Chinese characters written by our Chairman Maozedong: “Eternal Glory to the People’s Heroes!” Then we go to the [Forbidden City] -- Imperial palaces for the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is 960 meters (about 3149 feet) long from south to north and 750(about 2460 feet) meters wide from east to west. And it is also the world's largest palace complex covers a floor space of 724,250 square meters, having 9,999 buildings. Best ancient Chinese architectural styles are well preserved here, providing you an imposing view.  

Stay overnight in Beijing. 

Meals: (B, L)

Day 4: Beijing-Lhasa

Today we take a flight to mysterious Tibet. Upon your arrival, you are transferred to the hotel and acclimatize yourselves to the high altitude in the afternoon. The rest of day is on your own.  

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 5: Lhasa

This morning we will visit the magnificent [Potala Palace], which was originally built by King Songtsen Gampo 1,300 years ago in Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). Potala is the name of the place, which means residence of the Goddess of Mercy in Tibetan language. It covers an area of more than 130, 000 square meters. Potala Palace consists of White Palace (administration building) and the Red Palace (religious building). You can admire complicated architectures, devotional atmosphere and exquisite artworks there. After lunch, we will visit the [Sera Monastery] -- one of three most famous monasteries in Lhasa. Next we will visit the [Norbulingka Park] -- the Summer Place of Dalai Lamas. It is the place where local people handle political affairs and hold festival celebrations. Then we pay a visit to a [Tibetan family]. Dinner is served at your hotel.  

Stay overnight in Lhasa.  

Meals: (B, L)

Day 6: Lhasa

This morning we will visit the [Jokhang Temple] -- the ultimate pilgrimage destination for devotional Pilgrims. It well displays architectural styles of the Tang Dynasty and holds the mysterious legends. And then we will head for the flourishing [bazaar of Barkhor Street]. Barkhor Street is a place full of religious atmosphere and a world of exotic articles. In this busy and populous street, visitors will have a panoramic view of Tibetan life. After lunch, we go ahead to visit the [Tibet Museum] for a glance into Tibet's civilizations, and continue to the [Tibet Carpet Factory]. It is one of the remarkable enterprises in Tibet mainly producing traditional Tibetan Carpet. All the carpets here are hand-made, in beautiful pictures and excellent quality. Those elegant and colorful carpets are nice decorations. So you can purchase them at competitive prices with various choices. You will have your dinner in your hotel.  

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 7: Lhasa-Gyangtse

This morning we will drive to Gyangtse, and we will stop on the way to visit the [Yomdrok Lake] which lies on the north bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, surrounded by mountains. Yomdrok Lake is one of the three holy lakes on the Tibetan Plateau. The scenery of the clear turquoise blue water in the lake with the reflection of the surrounding mountains was awesome and we had a 360 degree view of the mountains. Upon arrival at Gyangtse, you will be transferred to the hotel. Next we will visit the [Palkhor Monastery], another typical Tibetan monastery which is famous its unique structural style and be considered as the lord of Tibetan stupas. Then we will enjoy a walk in the [Gyangtse Old Street] to appreciate its beauty.  

Stay overnight at Gyangtse.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 8: Gyangtse-Shigatse

Today we head for Shigatse. Situated in central - southern of Tibet, Shigatse is the second largest city of Tibet and also the political, economic and cultural center of the region. [Tashilhumpo Lamasery] is one of the four lamaseries of the Galu sect of Lamaism and the residence of the Panchan Lama for a long time. The monastery was built in 1447 under the supervision of the First Dalai Lama Gedun Zhuiba, one of the disciples of Zonggaba. It was expanded by the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Bainqen Lamas and has become the place for the reincarnation of the Bainqen Lamas. The monastery houses are 22.4 meter in height. The gilded bronze statue of Qiangba Buddha is the tallest of its kind in the world. The image of the Buddha gives people the impression of kind and generous, and these impressions are represented vividly. Later we will visit the [New Palace of Panchen Lama].  

Stay overnight at Shigatse.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 9: Shigatse-Tingri

Today we drive to Tingri in the morning. We will get off on the way to visit the [Sakya Monastery] and [Lhatse city]. With a history of more than 900 years, cultural relics and classic books of Sakya Monastery are extremely abundant. And it is especially famous for those scriptures. The out walls of building are usually white in Tibet, but here the walls have different color. In the town, people usually lead donkey along the street, and the ring of the donkey are often heard, which add a different charm in this city. There are more animal power vehicles than motor vehicles. Besides, there is no electricity in the town, which makes you feel like walking in a place 200 years ago. It's really a nice place to get new experience of life.  

Stay overnight at Tingri. 

Meals: (B, L)

Day 10: Tingri-Everest Base Camp-Tingri 

Today we take a coach to the [Everest Base Camp] to enjoy Everest and innumerable spectacular mountains views. Afterwards we pay a visit to [Rombuk Monastery], the world's highest monastery. It is 5154meters above sea level with a location in the North Slope of Rombuk Glaciers. Mt. Everest can be seen right from there. We will take a hiking to Mt. Everest Base Camp. There you can take pictures while also enjoying the magnificent Himalayas natural scenery. Then we drive back to Tingri.  

Stay overnight at Tingri. 

Meals: (B, L)

Day 11: Tingri-Shigatse

Today we leave Tingri and drive back to Shigatse. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel. You can spend the rest of the day to relax.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 12: Shigatse-Lhasa

Today we will return to Lhasa. When you arrive, you will be transferred to your hotel. This afternoon is available for you to explore more of Lhasa. 

Meals: (B, L)

Day 13: Lhasa-Shanghai

After a leisure morning, we will take a flight to Shanghai in the afternoon. Upon arrival in Shanghai, you will be met and transferred to the hotel.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 14: Shanghai

We will go to visit [Yuyuan Garden] after a leisurely breakfast. Yuyuan Garden locates in the northeast of the old city of Shanghai, adjacent to the Old Town God Temple. It is a famous classical garden in the south of the Yangtze River as well as a world-renowned historical site and scenic spot. Also include a visit to the [Jade Buddha Temple], an elegant structure famous for its Buddha statue which is carved of solid white jade and decorated by jewels. You will have your lunch in a characteristic Shanghai restaurant. After lunch our guide takes you to the [Outer Bund], for a grand view of Shanghai and you may surprise in the fact that this metropolis keep develop in a fast way while still containing its old traditions. Later you can enjoy a walk on the [Nanjing Road], the most prosperous commercial street. You can find lots of world famous brands setting along the street and enjoy a good time in shopping. Nanjing Street is a comprehensive shopping center which integrates tourism, business and culture together. You will have a great time there.  

Stay overnight in Shanghai. 

Meals: (B, L)

Day 15: Shanghai-Departure

Enjoy yourself in the town before you are transferred to the airport for your departure. 

Meals: (B)

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