Simatai West
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Small Group Highlight of Great Wall Hiking One-day Simatai West to Jinshanling


Simatai Great Wall is considered to be the most wonderful part of the Great Wall. As the most popular hiking trip of Great Wall around Beijing, it will show you both Simatai and Jinshanling sections of the wall within 3 hours.

  • Tour Code:
  • CET-GWGA11
  • Length:
  • Cities Visited/Stayed:
  • Beijing
  • Highlight Attractions:
  • Great Wall
  • Experience & Features:
  • Hiking along Simatai and Jinshanling sections of the wall and takes amazing photos.
  • Physical Rating : 5
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    • Rating of 1 ( ) : Always very easy to go! Sometimes getting around on your own, up and down steps and carrying your own small backpack.
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  • Cultural Shock Rating : 2
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    • Rating of 4 ( ) : Expect to rough it here and there. This may mean a packed public bus, very remote and rustic accommodation, and no access to western-style food.
    • Rating of 5 ( ) : You are totally off the beaten track with none of the comforts of home, and are exposed to a totally foreign culture to what you are accustomed ... Sounds fantastic, doesn't it!
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Pricing & Accommodation
Q & A
Tour Reviews
Trip Notes
Day 1:

As the most popular hiking trip of Great Wall around Beijing, it will show you both Simatai and Jinshanling sections of the wall within 3 hours. Due to the recent closure of Simatai East section, we cannot walk through all the way to Simtai East. We will reach the Wall by Kylin Tower at Simatai West, and then walk westward to Jinshanling. We will get off the wall at Shalingkou at Jinshanling, or you can walk another 30 minutes more if you feel energetic and then get off the wall at Zhuanduokou . The unrestored wall, the watch towers, the beacon towers snake on the mountain from east to west. You will have chance to meet local farmer friends, try local home-made food and learn local community development. It is the best place for keen photographers along the wall. Regarding fitness it is a medium-level hiking for all ages.

Meet you up at 8am and then drive to Simatai West. You will start the hiking around 10:30 am, and it will take about 3 hours to complete the hiking. A lunch at a local farmer’s restaurant will be organized after the hiking before returning your hotel.

This section offers arguably the finest hiking anywhere on the Great Wall. It is extremely photogenic, with over 15 watch-towers, and steep gradients that give constantly changing perspectives and wide, open views. There is fascinating variety in the watch-towers here. Some have two storeys, others three. Some have flat roofs, others rounded and others again are pitched with upturned eaves. This section of the wall is wild, ruined, preserved and original. On a clear day, it is difficult to fail to take good photographs here.

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* USD 136 per person.
* Small group of maximum of 8 travelers.
* Children between 12 and 6 will receive 30% discount. Children under 5 are not allowed to take this tour.

Service Included:
1. air-con vehicle with experienced driver
2. entrance fees to Great Wall on the two sections
3. personal English-speaking hiking tour guide
4. unlimited bottled water; snacks on the Wall;
5. lunch in a local farmer’s restaurant
6. a certificate of completion for hiking on the Great Wall of China

Service Excluded:
1. travel insurance
2. Cable car, chairlift, toboggan(slideway), flyingfox(zipline) or any other additional local facilities
3. personal expenses
4. tipping to hiking guide/driver recommended on good service on a 2:1 ratio separately

We accept credit card payment via Paypal which is safe and fast. Deposit is required via Paypal at the time of booking. If you want to pay the outstanding balance upon arrival, then only cash payment (either USD or CNY) is accepted. Please note that Paypal may not work when you are already in China due to safety concerns.

Cancellation policy:
Days before departure - Charge applicable
Not less than 7 days – Loss of deposit
Between 4 and 6 days – Loss of 50% of the total booking cost or loss of deposit; whichever is the greater
3 days or less – Loss of total booking cost

Download Trip Notes & Itinerary in PDF

What to take:
comfortable shoes or boots, water, snacks, sunscreen, sun-glasses, pocket knife, first aid kit, lip balm, cap

1. There is no toilet along the path on the Wall. There are toilets at the entrance of Simatai West and Jinshanling. Please prepare before hiking and always carry toilet paper by yourself.

2. Please don’t make any appointment after the trip as the return depending on the traffic between 5-6 pm.

3. You will be followed by local farmers when starting the hike. The farmers will give you help along the way, as a reward they will sell some souvenirs. If you don’t like this, you have to say NO firmly at the beginning (MAYBE LATER does not work in Chinese culture) or just ignore them and not speak a word with them; otherwise they can be persistent and follow you all the way on the Wall.

4. Unlimited bottled waters are stored in our car/van today, and you need a day pack to carry them.

5. We will bring trekking poles in our car/van and please tell your guide if you need one.

6. Travel insurance is optional and is the sole responsibility of travellers. It is encouraged to have coverage of injury or accident.

7. As responsible travelers, we “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprint”.

Download Trip Notes & Itinerary in PDF

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