• a.Share your travel stories, photos, what you know about traveling in China & Chinese Culture and/or read stories and see pictures from others.
  • b.Order Status: check the history of your order and contact your travel advisor at any time.
  • c.Questions and Answers: ask questions, receive answers, answer other’s question and see others’ Q&As.
  • d.Get CET POINTS that you can use to save when booking a tour with us. Learn more about our Points System Policy here.
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How Can You Earn CET Travel Points?
1) Once you get registered to become a member of us, you will earn 100 points automatically.
2) Every time after you successfully publish an article on our Blog, you can earn 10-100 points. Your article will be evaluated by our editors and points from 10 to 100 will be distributed according to the article’s quality.
3) Once you submit an enquiry on a tour on our website, you will earn 100 points. When the tour is successfully booked (once we receive the deposit payment), you will earn 100 points again. That is to say, when you’ve successfully booked a tour, you will have earned 200 points then.
4) If you submit an enquiry on a tour on our website before registering to become a member of us, we highly suggest you register to become a member of us right after the submission as you can earn 100 points plus 100 points. Moreover, we highly suggest you use the same e-mail and name to register and to submit the enquiry.

How Will You Use the CET Travel Points?
1) The CET Travel Points can be used when you’re paying for a China tour you book with us.
2) For a tour of more than 10 day long (including 10 days), 1 CET Travel Point equals to 1 Chinese yuan. For a tour between 5 day (including 5 days) and 9 day (including 9 days) long, 5 CET Travel Points equal to 1 Chinese yuan. For a tour between 4 day (including 4 days) to 1 day long, 10 CET Travel Points equal to 1 Chinese yuan.

Tour Length 1 yuan needs
≥10 days 1 CET Point
5 days – 9 days 5 CET Points
1 day – 5 days 10 CET Points
3) The CET Travel Points can be accumulated. You can check your CET Travel Points by clicking your “Profile” after registration.
4) You, your families and your friends can use the Points. Anyone who wants to use your Points must offer us your registered e-mail/username and your full name firstly. In addition, you should email us an authorization letter to empower your family/friend to use your Points.
5) The CET Travel Points cannot be cashed. They can be used to offset part of the cost of a tour only.
6) China Expedition Tours reserves the right of final interpretation of this CET Travel Points Policy.